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Successful Holding of the Seminar on the Development of the World Craftsman Organization 2020

2020-09-10 The time

September 10th By Yanni Bi

To promote the effective integration of the craftsman's spirit with the background & spirit of times, and to realize the inheritance, innovation and development of the craftsman's spirit, the World Craftsman Organization held a seminar of The Inheritance and Development of the Craftsman's Spirit under the New Situation on September 10, 2020 by video conferencing. Mr. Zuobin Zhao, the chairman of the World Craftsman Organization, and Mr. Mark White, the President and CEO of Mark White Construction Company, and some excellent craftsmen at home and abroad participated in the seminar and made important speeches.

At the seminar, the chairman Mr. Zuobin Zhao put forward three aspects which need to be focused in the development of the World Craftsman Organization. Firstly, more attention should be paid to the idea of innovation, and a new concept should be formed to respect and advocate the craftsmen in the whole society. Secondly, more attention should be paid to the technological innovation. We need to conform to the changes of market development, improve the level of skills, and take the road of high quality development. Lastly, more attention should be paid to the institutional innovation, and more practical and feasible mechanism construction suggestions should be made in protecting traditional craftsman's skills and inheriting craftsman's spirit.

Mr. Mark White, Yashas Gujjar and Ms. Andriana held the opinions that the craftsman's spirit, as a professional value orientation of practitioners, is embodied in various fields. At present, the most important thing is to bring together the representatives of outstanding craftsmen in all fields of the world in an international platform such as the World Craftsman Organization. By the way of thought collision, technology sharing, information service and so on, the craftsman's spirit will be gradually infiltrated into all industries and fields in the world, thus to promote the continuous development and growth of the organization.

Free communication sessions were specially added into this seminar. The participating experts launched the intense discussions around the theme of "how to practice the inheritance and development of the craftsman's spirit " and so on.

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This is more a cross-cultural exchange of ideas than a seminar. The understanding of experts in various fields in various countries is deepening in the exchange, and the suggestions are improved continuously in collisions, and the problems are solved constantly in the discussion, which are of great significance to promote the development of the World Craftsman Organization.

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