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An Academic Forum on Ceramic Art Creation was Held by the World Crafts Organization

2020-01-17 The time

January 17th By Yanni Bi

An academic forum on Ceramic Art Creation organized by the World Craftsman Organization was solemnly held in Salt Lake City, UT 84108, USA. Domestic and foreign well-known ceramic experts, curators and the World Craftsmen Organization members, a total of more than 50 people, participated in the forum.


There are four sub-forums in this forum on Ceramic Art Creation, which are Contemporary Tapping and Development of Ceramic Art, Experimental and Cultural Characteristics of Contemporary Ceramics,  Language Construction of Contemporary Ceramic Art, and Inheritance and Innovation of Ceramic Art Creation". At the meeting, many domestic ceramic scholars and social front-line physical workers exchanged discussions and interactions, which became a highlight of the academic forum.


The forum is not only an exploration of art, but also a collision of ideas and a cultural exchange. The guests and members at the meeting explained their thoughts on the development of contemporary ceramic art according to their own understanding of society, tradition and times.


Through the academic exchange and discussion of ceramic art in this forum, the guests and members have deeper understanding and realization of contemporary ceramic art creation and future development under the background of the new era.

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