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An Academic Exchange Meeting on Jade Carving Technology was Solemnly Held by the World Craftsman Organization

2019-11-25 The time

November 25th,2019 By Bi Yanni

The academic exchange meeting on Jade Carving Technology of the World Craftsman Organization was solemnly held on November 25th,2019 in 411 South Maryland Dr, Salt Lake City, UT 84108, USA. Professor Yuan Jiaqi, a well-known jade carving master, was invited to the headquarter of the World Craftsman Organization for academic exchanges at the meeting.    

Professor Yuan Jiaqi, as the professional leader of Arts and Crafts, the inheritor of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Turquoise Carving in Hubei Province, has unique views on jade carving technology, jade carving culture and jade carving fashion in the new era.

With the combination of the development of jade carving technology at home and abroad, he expounded the complete artistic system of ceramic art from the angles of cultural accomplishment, aesthetic consciousness, mode of thinking, aesthetic thought and philosophical thought. As Professor Yuan said, the core of this academic exchange was to excavate the skills of jade carving craftsmen, tap the potential of jade carving, tap their own value, and jointly promote the inheritance and development of jade carving culture with actions.

The Academic Exchange Meeting on Jade Carving Technology of the World Craftsman Organization was divided into four crossing stages: the expert lecture, the actual operation creation, the discussion exchange and the work appreciation, which had realized the organic combination of Jade Carving Theory and Jade Carving Practice. The members at present had more in-depth thinking in the design concept, plastic arts, creative practice, aesthetic awareness and other aspects.

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